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Gershman Commercial Real Estate has created a task force for the specific purpose of assisting banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions with the management, marketing and eventual disposition of non performing assets and REO properties.

The SGI Asset Recover Team, or the "Team", was hand-picked for their experience and commanding knowledge of various markets and submarkets in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. In addition to this knowledge, brokers were selected for their personal knowledge of various property types and the inherent issues that hinder the performance of these property types in this economic downturn.

In this challenging economic climate, many institution owners need professional assistance. The Team is designed to be an extremely pro-active, specialized, aggressive group of brokers and managers regardless of property type, location or condition.

The Team has developed highly sophisticated proprietary search techniques for the sole purpose of identifying potential buyers for REO's. Simply put, there is no other asset management team utilizing these fast and effective search techniques.

  For more information about SGI Asset Recovery Team and how they can help your troubled assets, contact:  

Christopher Fox
Executive Vice President
Phone: 314-889-0608



150 N. Meramec Ave. Suite 500
St. Louis, MO 63105

Phone: (314) 862-9400
Fax: (314) 854-9503

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